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Into The Life-Stream: Viewing Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors.

It's just another intergalactic anthropology project, only these subjects may be a little farther a-field. These sessions will focus on extraterrestrials and other non-human sentients. We intend to view various species that are said to exist out in our cosmos or right here on Earth. As viewing is a nonlocal process, distance is no barrier. Many of these targets are non-verifiable but are still highly challenging nonetheless. To go where no viewer has gone before: into the lifestream.


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Martians Ghosts Crop Circles Extraterrestrial and Craft Encountered by John Bradley Rutter (Dr. Reed)
Note: Recent allegations have shown that "Dr. Jonathan Reed" is a pen-name for John Bradley Rutter. Though the case is still under investigation, we believe that almost all of the aspects of this case were invented by Rutter and some of his co-conspiring colleagues. Our viewers accurately viewed a "psychic bubble" created by the former group (see the summary below). This case was a good experience for us in learning to distinguish between fact and fiction in remote viewing data. We recommend that readers should use their own discretion and read all material available about this case before coming to a conclusion. For more information about the allegations against Rutter see the UfoWatchDog report. First Official U.S. Government Announcement About Extraterrestrials Other Sessions To see an explanation of how the viewing process works, please see Resonant Viewing Explained.

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