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Frequently Asked Questions about Resonant Viewing

  • What is Resonant Viewing?

    It is a systematic set of procedures that allow you to transcend your conscious mind and gain access to your intuitions, subtle senses, and perceptions.
    With proper training, these procedures can let you tap into your subconscious mind so as to obtain very accurate information about events, people,
    and places that are far away in space and time.

    These procedures, originally known as remote viewing, were developed in the 1970's for the U.S. military in the 1970's to create new ways of gathering information.
    The developers of this program believed that by using these protocols, an ordinary person could outperform the best natural psychics. These methods were never
    classified and were publicly acknowledged by the government in 1995. We have modified some aspects of these procedures to make them easier to learn, more accurate
    and more effective.

    Resonant viewing gets you in touch with your intuition, creativity, and higher awareness. It reconnects you to your bigger self. There's nothing else like it!

  • Is Resonant Viewing like "Remote Viewing"?

    After some deliberation, we decided to stop using the name "remote viewing" and refer to these procedures as "resonant viewing" instead. Practicing "remote viewing"
    teaches one that there really is nothing "remote" in our universe, and therefore the term is somewhat of an oxymoron. In actuality, we believe that viewing is a form of
    resonance matching between the viewer and the frequencies of "distant" events, people, and places: for this reason, we believe that resonant viewing is a more accurate
    description of this activity. Resonance is a more appropriate way of conceptualizing and thinking about the process of viewing.

  • Why should I learn?

    Mainly because it's fun, challenging, and rewarding in many ways. You can perceive past and present events or future realities: In the process, you will learn more about
    your body, mind, and spirit. As your viewing skills improve, you will perceive increasingly accurate information and sensory perceptions of distant events and locations.
    Most people find this process of exploration exciting and enjoyable.

  • How does RV work?

    Many of us have been taught to believe in a linear view of time that moves from the past to the future. Another view is that all events are occurring now but on different
    vibrational levels, much like a TV tuner. These events are normally inaccessible to your everyday perceptions. With the proper training, you can learn to perceive any place
    or event regardless of its temporal status in our ordinary, linear time-framework.

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