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"Tap your natural intuitive abilities and access your hidden intelligence . . ."

Now, you can learn the secrets of resonant viewing. For years these techniques were kept hidden from the public as part of a classified government research program. But now, these training systems are available to you and we'll teach you everything the so-called "remote viewing gurus" don't want you to know. You can get started immediately! Just fill out the form below and you'll get a link to my latest resonant instruction videos full of tips and techniques for tapping into your hidden subconscious powers. I'm giving you my best information with nothing held back. This online "mini" RV class contains everything need to get started: it's remote and it's free. Sign up below.

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You'll get free viewing instructional videos
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Discover the benefits of:

  • Stronger intuition
  • Spontaneous understanding
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Better decision making
  • Faster more accurate information flow

“Your course is extraordinarily fun. Not pretentious, not aloof, just right on cue with what is pertinent for one to have a better understanding of RV. Thanks.”–Sandy S.

“Your virtual viewing course is awesome!”– Mary T.

“Dr Hein’s virtual viewing class is a blast! It showed me a cool, new way to use my mind. I never would have believed I could do this.”–Melissa C.

We will provide you with the best possible resonant learning experience.
Our viewing courses will fine-tune your sensing skills to their peak capacity
and open your mind to a new world of perception with UNIVIEW(sm),
our viewing system that can now be taught quickly. And it's fun too.

Watch a Resonant Viewing Lecture by Dr. Hein
(Sample practice viewing session in last video)

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Please go to the viewing targets page to see sessions by students and advanced viewers.

Comments by Students:

  • "This was a wonderful, fun, mind expanding course. Simeon is a wonderful sharer, with a light touch." - R., Boulder, CO

  • "It is such a joyful process, nothing to fear, everything to gain. You made the weekend so human, so attainable and, most of all, fun." -J. Los Angeles, CA

  • "Met my goal - which was an introduction - so I could decide for myself if I believed it would work." - S., Fort Collins, CO

  • "Fun, interesting people. I think Simeon is a very informative and open-minded teacher. I loved the stories and histories." - A., Boulder, CO

  • "I think you do a great job. It was potentially intimidating and 'performance-fear' ridden, but you both made it very comfortable and non-judgemental. And natural." - R., Santa Fe, NM

  • "I like the way the course stretched my mind and made me go into 'non-think.' I became aware of how very controlling my conscious mind is, and how very important and essential it is to learn how to release that control. I really liked the introductory part which explains how it all works. I like being involved with Resonant Viewing because it is cutting edge stuff. Everyone can and should develop this faculty. I really liked Dr. Hein's upbeat, positive attitude, the encouragement he offers . . . " - A., Palm Springs, CA

  • "I loved this course; I did not know human beings were capable of this. Everything was a learning experience that I am grateful for. I confronted my inner self and am more whole because of this experience . . . Very powerful and truthful . . . " - D., Greeley, CO

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