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In addition to the Opening Minds book, the Mount Baldy Press, Inc.offers some other items which may be of interest to our readers, students, or anyone interested in the subject of resonance! Experience Dr. Hein's unique view of the universe through his music.
Listen to his original music CD and tapes.

Music--Hear How Dr. Hein Perceives the World Through Sound
Night on Mt. Graham, Terra Chronos, Opening Skies and Earth Dreaming: Original Guitar Music Written and Performed by Simeon Hein.
CD and Tapes, various prices

Aural Resonance CD
This sound, known as the "Breath of God" will create a calm, stable feeling in any enviroment. Listen to a free sample.
CD, 70 minutes, $15.95 each

Crop Circle Calendar

1999 Crop Circle Calendar
Out-of-print calendar with spectacular photos!
$24.95, including free shipping in the United States

Morphic Resonance: Crop Circle Spinners
A mesmerizing video of high-speed spinning geometry from crop circles.
VHS/DVD, 39 minutes, $19.95
The Resonant Bookstore
Recommended resonant reading about Remote Viewing, Crop Circles, and other subjects. Various formats and prices.
Opening Minds
Dr. Simeon Hein's exciting book about resonant viewing and new discoveries in crop circle research. Softcover, $15.95 including free shipping in the United States




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