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Crop Circle Spinners -- Experience the Magic!Morphic Resonance

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Morphic Resonance: Crop Circle Spinners (VHS/DVD) by Simeon Hein

VHS/DVD. 36 minutes
$19.95 USD including free shipping in the United States

"Crop Circle Spinners" is an amazing DVD of high-speed, spinning crop circles featuring the drawings of video-artist Peter Sorenson and the photos of Ron Russell. Music by Simeon Hein. The idea to create this movie came from extraterrestrial channelling. The extraterrestrials claimed that secret messages are contained in the spinning circles that can only be seen when the crop circles are spinning, not while they are standing still. When the circles are spinning, new multidimensional information becomes available to the viewer. You will see three-dimensional shapes and mesmerizing, complex patterns emerge from the screen. Watching this DVD will also enhance your creative abilities by creating balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The patterns spin too quickly for the conscious mind to understand, so the subconscious mind becomes more active instead. Because every person is unique, each viewer will see the moving patterns on the screen differently. Many viewers feel that watching this movie enhances their vibrational frequency. The DVD features some of the best formations of from 1997, '98 and '99. It is very fun to watch and good for children. The background music for the DVD contains original guitar songs from Simeon Hein’s CDs "Earth Dreaming," "Opening Skies," and "Aural Resonance." (36 minutes)

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