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Find out the latest ideas about this mysterious phenomenon

Crop Circles Affecting Cameras, Batteries, and Electronic Equipment -- Cameras fail even in our manmade crop circle

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Crop Circle Seed Germination Tests -- Find out the latest results

Milton Hill Farms Magnetometer Study -- Amazing experiment shows crop circle affects magnetic fields

Watch this short, musical slide show of my crop circle presentation. Full audio below.


"How Crop Circles Work" by Dr. Simeon Hein, New Thought Forum, Boulder, Colorado, Feb. 13th, 2008.


Moire hilmarton Crop basket

This DVD features a special interview with Dr. Hein 

Crop Circles are one of the great mysteries of our time and the past. Research and skepticism about the phenomenon often ask the question whether they are the product of mischievous humans or an unknown, perhaps alien, intelligence. We believe that this may be the wrong question to ask.

Research into verified man-made as well as unexplained circles indicate that the kind of electromagnetic, physical and mental phenomena that can occur around crop circles are found in both types. What does this mean? Does the geometry itself contain mysterious resonant power? Do circle makers, regardless of origin, impart their own spiritual energies into the crops? What inspires or compels them to create these masterpieces? What do they mean?

The impact of simple and complex geometry on the earth we inhabit can provide some astounding answers.

For more about the crop circle phenomenon and testing of man-made designs, get Simeon Hein's new book, Opening Minds!

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