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Experience the Resonance and Subtle Energies of Wiltshire in Britain

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"Thanks guys for the great crop circle and ancient-site boot camp in glorious
Wiltshire: The truth really is out there"--P.G.

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 Here's a quick view of one of the presentations you will see on the tour.


Identify the Energy
This year's mission: identify the source of the mysterious energies that emanate from the crop circles. Despite our best efforts, we still haven't pinpointed exactly where this energy comes from. In this past, it has destroyed batteries and rendered cameras useless, some permanently. And we should warn you, this tour is not for everyone. We're only looking for people that want an adventuresome, cutting-edge, mystically-filled tour on the edge of science. So if you are prepared to experience and explore new ideas and new realities, this tour is for you!

Tax Deductible
This tour is conducted by the educational Institute for Resonance 501(c)3 and is tax-deductible as a donation to a non-profit. You will be provided with a letter to this effect. (The hotel and breakfast portion of your tuition is not tax-deductible.) The Institute is a member of the International Assocation for New Science 501(c)3.

Unpredictable Effects
While we will take every step to insure your safety, we'll still don't completely understand crop circles and don't know what effect they'll have on you. (Please do not sign up for the tour if you have a pace-maker.) In the past we've experienced battery failure, camera malfunctions, and laptop anomalies. Each crop circle is different so understand that you go into these circles knowing and accepting that anything can happen. To date, crop circles have been associated with space and time distortions, strange lights, and UFOs. For these reasons, we'll ask you to sign a waiver of liability form before the tour starts.

Limited Space
Tour space is limited to 4 people so sign up now before the tour fills up. Call us at 1.800.658.6561 toll-free to answer any of your questions. We'd love to have you come along on this truly resonant adventure.

Read this short article on Crop Circle Tour clothing and what clothing to bring along on the tour.

Arrival and Departure Dates
You will leave the U.S. on July 19th and arrive at Heathrow on July 20th. We've arranged for you to stay at a first-class hotel near Heathrow on your first night. We'll pick you up at the hotel on July 21st where we'll head off to Wiltshire to begin our adventure. At the end of the tour on July 27th, we'll take you back to Heathrow or wherever you need to go in the Wiltshire area.

Tour price is $6,000 per person which includes all hotel rooms, breakfasts, and internal transportion. This is due in three equal installments beginning with your deposit. The tour fee does not include your airfare or transportation to England.Remaining payments are due on March 1st and May 30th.

Cancellations Policy
Deposit is refundable within two weeks of payment and the balance due is refundable as follows:
100 percent by March 1st, 75 percent by April 30th, 50 percent by May 31st. No refunds after May.

Now, you will get a copy of Opening Minds by Dr. Hein and a rare, out-of-print crop circle calendar from the late '90s and a crystal imbued with the energy of last year's crop circles. You will also get free access to a Virtual Viewing online viewing class and more viewing training during the full tour.

Yes, Simeon! I want to secure my place on the Crop Circle Tour now. I understand that being on the tour will allow to see many different sacred sites, lots of crop circles, and great lectures from guest experts. I also agree to be open to new ideas about how our world and the universe works. I'll also receive some fancy bonuses like a signed copy of your book Opening Minds, discounts to Resonant Viewing seminars, and other goodies.

Please call us to send your deposit of $2,000 per person



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Remainder of balances after deposit are due equally or by arrangement --
(two payments of $2,000 each). We'll send you a friendly reminder.

 Call now for more information -- 1-415-413-8052


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