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Reviews of Opening Minds

Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles,and Resonance.
(Mount Baldy Press, ISBN 0971586306, August, 2002), by Simeon Hein, Ph.D.

  • "A superb book from a man who is in sync with the next generation of understanding natural sciences. This is one of the most fascinating books on the Crop Circle Phenomenon I have read. One of those you need to be comfortable before you open the pages. I could not put it down and felt totally refreshed when I had read it. You 'know' before you have read but two chapters that Dr. Simeon Hein is on a path which makes sense. Full of thought-provoking ideas and concepts from start to finish. Truly a superb piece of work."
    -- Colin Andrews, Crop Circle Researcher and Author (

  • "An excellent cross-discipline book that brings the reader into a much bigger phenomenon than crop circles themselves. Dr. Hein explores realities that may help make a better world, by understanding that there are no simplistic answers to any of life's mysteries. A good read and a must for any student of the strange and wonderful."

  • " Simeon Hein's Opening Minds offers a profound synthesis of many disciplines seeking to understand the not yet explainable. Hein's discussion of physics, quantum consciousness research, remote viewing, chaos theory, extraterrestrials, and crop circles is fascinating and provides a steady foundation for his postulation that 'we do not need to analytically understand [crop circles] for their magic to enter our lives'."
    -- NAPRA Review, Nov/Dec 2002.

  • "Opening Minds is the 'Betty Crocker' of crop circle books."
    -- Judith Moore, author of Crop Circles Revealed

  • "I have been researching the crop circles in England for a decade... My own findings, that the crop circles are made by spiritually inspired humans, coincide strongly with Dr. Hein's -- and indeed that his ideas have greatly extended my own thinking.
    The fact is that what is flattening the crops is NOT where the mystery lies. There are SO many other unanswered questions, from the balls of light that have been seen by hundreds of people in the vicinity of crop circles (and close up by people making crop circles!), and what I call the 'telepathic connection', as well as many other bewildering things which are covered in Opening Minds. I recommend the book as by far the most realistic AND enlightening on the subject of the circles I have ever seen. Dr. Hein's discussion of UFOs and remote viewing are equally insightful."
    -- Peter Sorensen, Crop Circle Researcher and Videographer

  • "Was there really a need for another book on the subject of Crop Circles I hear you saying?
    Simeon Hein looks deeper and beyond the beautiful shapes that have appeared in the fields worldwide. His book contains aspects, which other authors have never really explored before, the latest scientific studies and literature, physics and areas which previous writers on the subject have not considered in the extraordinary phenomena of the crop circles.
    As a bonus the book contains beautiful colour plates of the formations, 'balls of light' and UFOs near the crop circles.
    His title Opening Minds should have that very effect on any readers of his book. The topics covered in Simeon's book are most likely what other authors of Crop Circle books have felt but never covered in their books. They are all part of the mysteries of life. If you have the key you have the ability to understand and Simeon Hein's book is that key."
    -- David Kingston, Crop Circle Investigator since 1976.

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