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Extraterrestrial Exposure Law



Welcome to the Home of ET This website is hosted by the Mount Baldy Press, Inc.,
and is dedicated to reforming the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law of 1969, Title 14, section 1211 of the
Code of Federal Regulations. This former law made it illegal for U.S. citizens to have contact with extraterrestrials.
People who had contact with extraterrestrials could be quarantined, fined, and imprisoned. If you believe that
the U.S. Congress should create an Open Contact Law to replace the old Extraterrestrial Exposure Law
so as to allow people the right to have contact with peaceful extraterrestrials, sign the e-petition below.

Read about the law at these sites: site one, site two, and site three.
Read about the idea of an Open Contact Law. More on the Code of Federal Regulations.
Snopes and TruthorFiction artcles about the law. Dr. Hein's response .
Popular Mechanics article about quarantine of ETs.
ET law mentioned in Interview with Retired Col. Robert Dean
Scientific study of UFOs website and
Journal of British Interplanetary Society ET article (PDF)

Petition for the Creation of an Open Contact Law.

We believe that people should be allowed to have contact with peaceful
extraterrestrials and support the reform of the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law,
Title 14, Section 1211 and the creation of an Open Contact Law in its place.
We support the idea that contact with peaceful extraterrestrials
will be of benefit to all civilizations involved.

Sign the Petition

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