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What is Planetary Intelligence?

What is Planetary Intelligence?

Planetary Intelligence is an awareness of being connected to the global consciousness of the planet. It is a sense of being physically present in the living, moving process of the Eartht: a feeling of flying through outer space, spinning around through the universe. In this frame of mind, we can feel a sense of presence in our bodies that lets us be completely in the moment. We can appreciate all the different forms of life and activity that make our lives possible.

Living in the modern world, the pace of interactions are so fast that we forget about the slower, less visible life-processes that make life possible in the first place. We suffer from type of tunnel vision where all we see are the fast things and forget about the myriad of slower energetic and biological processes that support life. We have become like race horses with blinders on, racing towards some unknown finish line, while ignoring all the other things around us that matter more than our final finishing time in the race.

Rather than focusing on only our individual success, we can also imagine the success of the entire system and the entire web of life on our planet. Doing this gives us a sense of immediacy, alertness, and "presentness" that we can feel in our body. We can actually feel that we are spinning around on a never-ending and exhilarating trip through the cosmos. By doing this we can feel that every moment of our lives is unique and unparalleled, never to be repeated again. We can sense that every moment in our lives is fresh, alive, and meaningful.



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