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Planetary Intelligence - Mount Baldy Press, Inc.

Planetary Intelligence:101 Easy Step to Energy, Well-Being, and Natural Insight
A Handbook.
(Mount Baldy Press, Inc., (Forthcoming in 2005)).
ISBN 0-9715863-5-7

By Simeon Hein, Ph. D
Illustrations by Ira Liss and Peter Sorensen


Table of Contents

What is Planetary Intelligence?
Tapping into the Matrix of Intelligence
Perceiving Shapes in Space and Time
Entrainment with Nature -- Cultivating Planetary Intelligence
Being an Extension of the Planet
Power vs. Coherency
Getting to Know Your Body Again -- Taking Care of Your Animal
Finding Your Hidden Power -- Do Less, Accomplish More
Fine Tuning Your Resonance with Non-Specific Intelligence
Oceans of Magic
Being Sensitive to Natural Information
Another Type of Vibration
Giving Something Back
The Other Side of the Human

Activities for Your Body-Mind
Activities for your Spirit
Activities for Your Senses
Things to Pay Attention To
Things to Avoid
About the Author

Introduction (Excerpt)

"The farther a person goes from himself, the less they know." - Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching.

 This is a book about learning to listen. Learning to listen to those quiet voices in and around us, that we modern people have chosen to ignore most of the time. By learning to listen, we will rediscover the wisdom and magic of nature, and the intelligence of the planet. When we were children we could hear these voices. But as we grew up, we stopped listening and replaced our subtle internal-intelligence with the endless chatter of social judgements and cultural conditioning. Our minds became the home of a mental program written by someone else. Ever since then, we have become isolated and alienated from nature's intelligence.
Ever since we were very little, we have been put in a box. The box consists of ideas, attitudes, beliefs systems that make us feel small, limit our personal identity, and try to fit us into existing belief systems. Fitting into these systems, of machines, bureaucracies, and other mechanistic processes, entrains us to unnatural rhythms and patterns. Our attention is taken away from ourselves and into social constructions and belief systems that do not serve us. We have become fearful of life outside of the box and this fear drains our energy.
  It is the purpose of this book to show you how remedy the distortions in your sense of well-being through simple activities. As the interactions in our daily lives speed up, the quality of the information in those interactions can go down. We feel a hunger for a completeness that comes from integration and coherency: two qualities that are not supported by speed of modern life. Speeding things up creates a lack of connection to ourselves and the larger universe.
  No matter how many years we spent in school, we may still be undereducated in terms of our planetary intelligence. Our schooling and education has led us to be aware of our economic and "useful" qualities, but not those aspects of ourselves that simply exist unconditionally. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for happiness. Thus, we have become entrained to the rhythms of organizations, machines, and other people rather than our natural environment. Very subtle signals are responsible for coordinating our connections to other living things. In order to feel this connection with the natural world around us we need to slow down and increase our self-awareness of our internal subtle-energy processes. This book contains simple steps that everyone can use to increase their feeling of connection to themselves and the planet.


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