Institute for Resonance - ABC TV show on UFOs - 2/24/05

Will this be the Show to Tell the Truth about UFOs?
ABC's Primetime Live Show with Peter Jennings:
"UFO's - See is Believing"
Broadcast on Feb. Thursday 24th, 8:00 pm ET

There is a lot of expectation about ABC's upcoming 2-hour TV show on the subject of UFOs with Peter Jennings. After years of government distortion and disinformation, many researchers are looking for a breakthrough in our media's coverage of the UFO question. We’ve all seen UFO, crop circle, and remote viewing documentaries that were overly negative to their subjects and, in the end, less than satisfying. Usually, the first half of the show is devoted to presenting some decent evidence, and in the second half well-known, narrow-minded “experts” shoot it down. But there have also been good, informative shows from time to time and perhaps this will be one of them. Peter Jennings has a lot of clout as an honest journalist and this is a primetime show on a major broadcast channel. I know that there will be many credible experts presented on the show including researcher Timothy Good, radio host Art Bell, and others. As more and more UFO information is disclosed over the years, it is only natural that the TV programs covering the phenomenon will also become more credible about the subject and less cynical. Details about this upcoming TV program can be found at .


Simeon Hein, Director
Institute for Resonance 501(c)(3)
February 20th, 2005




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