Institute for Resonance - Review of Who is John of God?

Review of ABC's Primetime Live Show - "Who is John of God?", Broadcast on 2/10, hosted by John Quinones

Despite the fact that shows like this seem designed more for frequent advertising breaks than the program contents, ABC seems to have taken a step forward here. Rather than completely debunking the subject material present by their host, John Quinones, the producers of the show seem to let the story tell itself. It would have been helpful if they mentioned other well-known Brazilian psychic healers, like Dr. Fritz, who has been scientifically studied during his trances and found to be generating unusual 40 hertz brain-wave cycles. Also, the behavior of the psychic surgeons like John of God is often stranger than depicted on the program, including use of hammers, screwdrivers, and power tools. However, it does not appear to cause any pain to the medical subjects who have sometimes undergone deep spinal and brain surgery from these psychic doctors.

An appearance from skeptic and debunker James Randi is to be expected on these shows but at least is was a short one. A magician by trade with no real scientific credentials he is hardly the one to analyze this evidence for its authenticity. ABC did show the information to a New York City surgeon who seemed open minded and willing to admit that SOMETHING unusual was going on here. After all, one of the subjects, who had a brain tumor and was essentially given a death sentence by his doctors, was doing better one year after his visit to John of God. The surgeon did not know if the improvements seen here were due to patients' will-power or John of God's treatment but he did discount anything.

I've seen my share of TV "investigations" into the realm of the paranormal and I have to say that this show, despite its fragmented presentation, was something of a step in the right direction.

Simeon Hein, Director
Institute for Resonance 501(c)(3)
February 11th, 2005




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